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Revolutionising Nightlife

A night out might be the highlight of your week, every week! iDU is bringing epic improvements to the late night out experience for both venues and patrons.

At the gateway to entry, speed, accuracy, and reliability are of paramount importance. Using our cutting edge ID scanning solution, we scan IDs in just the blink of an eye. Our first of its kind ID scanning system, removes barriers to scanning IDs, not just at licensed venues, but anywhere an ID needs to be verified, offering a frictionless ID scanning solution. And lets be real, who doesn’t want to go out with just their phones these days? We are very excited to announce that patrons will soon be able to go out to their favourite venues with just their phone. Join us today, for the new age of partying and nightlife is just around the corner! But that’s just the beginning…

Brand New Possibilities
With Amazing Power

Our Aim? To Make Nights Out 10X Better! Leveraging an iPad based scanning solution, venues can use a system that supports their every need, from reducing lines, to increasing the bottom line and offering an amazing experience for customers. While patrons have the ability to go out to their favourite venues with just their phone. A solution for everyone; could it get any better?!

For Venues

For Venues

iDU Venue App: Fast, Reliable and Mobile!

Imagine if ID Scanning could seem invisible, but still comply with all legislative requirements. What if we could make the scanners so small they could be easily mobilised around a venue, and not compromise speed or precision? At iDU Identification we have done exactly that! Accurately and reliably scan hundreds of international drivers licenses, and any passport to get patrons through the door faster and easier than ever before.

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For Patrons

For Patrons

iDU Patron App: One Stop Shop For Your Nights Out!

What can’t we use our phones for these days? If we wanted we could quite literally write an entire novel on our phones, yet we are stuck having to take our phones and wallets/purses out with us when we go out to venues. But what if we told you that is all about to change? The iDU team are pleased to announce that you will soon be able to go out to your favourite venues with just your phone. The iDU Patron App; your one stop shop for your nights out!

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The system (IDU) gives our staff freedom and flexibility in how we manage the important scanning process at the point of entry each night. We're focused on giving our patrons the best and safest experience possible and we know IDU is part of that commitment for us.

Albert Hakfoort, CEO | Hakfoort Group

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Transform your venue to the new era of ID scanning. No more slow and inaccurate scanning, no more problems and no more unnecessary additional expenses from scanners. Book a demo with the friendly team at iDU today and find out how the iDU ID scanner, is your ID scanning solution.